Meeting – 2012-03-10

For our inaugural “casual gathering”, I’ve followed Mark Witt’s suggestion
of going to the Rockin’ Tomato on South Lamar. The owner (who has an
interest in EVs himself) has offered us some tables and a few reserved
spaces if we want to bring cars to show. There are a couple 120VAC outlets
available as well for scooters or to put a little into your EV while you

So here’s the deal. At 4pm on Saturday March 10th, *I* am going to be
sitting at the Rockin’ Tomato getting my food on. I can manage enjoying
some awesome pizza and burgers on my own, but it’d be great to have some
people around to talk to about EVs, AustinEV, and whatever else electric
vehicle enthusiasts want to yammer about between gulps of beer.

WHAT’S GOING ON: Food and conversation with AustinEV
OK WHEN: Saturday, March 10 2012, 4pm-Boredom
WHERE’S IT AT: Rockin’ Tomato Pizza
YEAH BUT WHERE: 3003 S. Lamar Blvd, 78704