AustinEV count 2021

We hope we’ve come up with a fun way to celebrate Earth Day and the progress electric vehicles have made here in Austin together but apart.

A wild EV count.

From now to the end of April we’ll be grabbing photos of any electric vehicles we find, (getting permission from the owner), and sharing them. We hope you will too.

Get outside, enjoy your day, our amazing city and our green spaces. If you see an electric vehicle in the wild, snap a photo and share it with us on your favorite platform. We’re hoping you will share your scooters, your bikes, your onewheel, and your cars – anything that drives electric. Bonus if you’re out celebrating our environment, at a trailhead, getting set to bike a trail or taking the pups out for a hike.

We’ll be monitoring instagram, facebook and twitter for your publicly shared posts tagged with #AustinEVcount2021. It doesn’t have to be yours to participate, but if it is not, please try and get permission to share it.

Let’s see how many (not so)rare electric vehicles we can find in the Austin area!

This should be fun all on its own, but we’ll also be choosing a few of you to receive some of the EV swag we’ve been collecting as a thank you for sharing. We’ll be keeping track of who shares photos and choose a group randomly at the end of the month to receive some fun electric vehicle-focused merch.